Are you using the right technologies for your business?

Many technology companies try to talk about high-end technology stack or cloud offerings but do we need them right now.
Are you spending more time, money, and effort on other stuff and not on your business? We have seen many startups and small businesses focusing more on technologies rather than their selling points and that’s where they generally fail. And sometimes they pick up the technical stack which doesn’t let them grow.

web infra
Some of our suggestions that can help you select the right technical stack:

  • Choose proper infrastructure

    If you are starting with a simple website, WordPress, or a simple web application, then you can hit the ground with some shared hosting by good providers.
    Shared hosting will take the pain of email, databases, and some level of security also. It is very quick and one can start selling in a day or so.
    When you have decent traffic then you can invest in private network hosting. We can suggest picking up suitable hosting considering your business type, technology, and traffic. Once we have very high traffic, it’s time to get into bigger hosting players.
    It seems tempting to directly jump, but it’s more of resource wastage many a time. Again, it all depends on the type of business need.


  • Can we save on licenses or have the right one?

    Another point is if we can save on any software license or have picked the right license. Many small businesses often go with products that cost them more
    and then, there are open source ones that are good enough to support what they need.
    We also need to consider the design which allows us to move to another one with simple easy steps. As a case scenario, we have helped a company to migrate their the current implementation of a licensed software product with an open source one with around 10-20 lines of overall code changes in their software. We have to build a similar product for them to use.


  • Are we using the right payment gateway?ecommerce

    What if we have chosen a payment plan for which we are paying more in monthly charges than transaction charges. Are they more buyer-friendly? Does it accept all cards and meet compliance levels.
    Try to use their hosted payment pages and avoid saving any card information on your website to avoid more auditings.
    Are you designing in a way to easily change your gateway if required in the future?


  • Do we have backup plans?

    What kind of backup plan we have if the website suddenly crashes. Can we built it again in few minutes or automatically? I have seen many small businesses hiring a developer for a website and they are in trouble if the website crashes and he is not around. As a small business, we don’t have to invest too much in backups based on the type, kind of website, and hosting,
    but we should be able to recover from these disasters.


  • Are we good on the development cost and quality?

    Well, here we look at the delivery and the product quality. We can only suggest if you are spending too much or too little. Again we can discuss each scenario case by case.





What do we do?
With good experience in the IT field, we have helped many small business companies to grow by streamlining their systems, processes, and deliveries.



What we can do for you?
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