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Mobile Application Development

The world, around us, is becoming the mobile world. We provide affordable and quality mobile software services so that our clients have an edge over their competitors.Zeustek specializes in next-generation mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Mobile application development for:

  • iPhone
  •     Zeustek has expertise in iPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development and Custom Mobile Application Development. We also specialized in Websites, Graphics for iPhone Mobile. We design, develop & deploy successful applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. iPhone Apps, made for the various industries were used and working successfully throughout iphone mobile users. The sophisticated device from Apple has given its users a unique mobile experience and we have experts who can even more enhance the mobile experience by developing interesting iPhone based mobile applications.

  • BlackBerry
  •     Zeustek has a skilled team to develop BlackBerry applications. BlackBerry can be used not only for emails, but also Customer Relationship Management (CRM), field service, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, Internet and intranet access, instant messaging and more all the tools and applications necessary for you to make important decisions quickly. We have expertise in Blackberry Application Development (Both Middle & CLDC Application), Blackberry software development, Blackberry Programming. Our BlackBerry App developers use RIM's proprietary APIs to develop Java applications for BlackBerry. Leveraging the APIs touch capabilities and device-shifting modes, we build scalable, user-friendly apps for BlackBerry. We also utilize MIDP and CLDC libraries to rapidly build cross-platform Java apps for clients.

  • Symbian
  •      Zeustek offers mobile Application development for Symbian Platform. Our support for all the major Symbian devices makes us stay ahead of our competitors. Our unique design and user-friendly interfaces in our Symbian apps led us to a huge success in Symbian app development. Zeustek is open for Symbian Application Development utilizing many programming languages like Java, C++, OPL and .NET and strong practices with Symbian SDK (software development kit). We offer Symbian OS solutions in form of wide range development in Symbian based mobile Applications.

  • Android
  •     Zeustek offers Mobile Application development for Android Platform. Android provides support of Java Language for developers. So that Android Application Developers can build third party applications on Java which can run on Android Platform. Our Mobile Application Developers has leverage experience in mobile application Development using java language and android framework. We have a proficient expertise in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices. Zeustek approaches Google Android application development in a proactive, high-caliber manner. Utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform, our application developers explore the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools. We create innovative, dynamic applications for devices - from gaming software, organizers, media players, picture editors to go-cart devices - that operate in high-tech mobile gadgets.

Zeustek have a wealth of experience with mobile applications. Whether it is a simple application to run on iPhone, Android OS , Blackberry , Windows Mobile platform, Symbian OS or Java Micro Edition (J2ME) application to run on a broad range of devices and phones, Zeustek have the skills to develop these products.

Our world-class mobile designers, architects and developers specialize in human factors & cognitive design and visual & brand design. Our low rates for offshore development offer unbeatable ROI.

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Expertise in Mobile Application Programming

The mobile/wireless industry is going through an intensive progressive phase. Spurred by greater competition and a need for a growing next-generation technology, the evolution of the entire industry has been exponential. Furthermore, today's sophisticated users are demanding mobile applications with more processing power, flexibility, reliability, security and integration with other applications. Zeustek has the tools, processes and experience necessary to help software companies develop innovative mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Our expertise in Mobile Applications:
Zeustek's capabilities for mobiles like iPhone, BlackBerry and Android include:
  Event handling
        -Touch events
  File System knowledge
        -Internal file structure
        -Pay Pal
  Audio/Video streaming
        -MJPEG video streaming
  Location Based Services
        -Google Maps
        -Google Map APIs based on Java Script
  Rich User Interface
        -Native controls
        -Customized controls
        -Screen transition effects